In 2016, Palamatic received an enquiry from Woodtech Joinery in Middlesbrough. They needed help lifting boards and doors in two different areas n their workshop. In the saw shop they were lifting extremely heavy panels of up to 200kg which they needed to rotate 90 degrees to turn on to their sides.

In their door shop, they were lifting doors of up to 100kgs and once again needed to rotate these doors 90 degrees as part of their processing procedure. Upon receiving the enquiry Palamatic arranged a site visit to take a closer look at the area and the product to be handled. This visit gave us a better understanding of what Woodtech Joinery were dealing with and how we could integrate into their workshop without compromising the space they were working in, whilst solving their manual handling problem.

Space was the trickiest thing to deal with. The fully functioning workshop had quite a low ceiling. This can be enough to put off some vacuum lifting suppliers, but we were confident we could find a way to deal with it. To successfully rotate the boards and doors, and meet Woodtech’s desired lifting heights, we needed to find a way to allow enough headroom in the area. We were able to find a solution by engineering a raised bridge beam ‘H’ style gantry that allowed the vacuum lifters to run above the main gantry rails which gave Woodtech the full area coverage they needed as well as the ability to rotate the panels.

We visited Woodtech Joinery in July and were lucky enough to talk to one of their operators and take some video and photos of the system in use. Their operator was a fantastic character and made using the door turner look second nature to him. He had worked for Woodtech for many years and new life before his lifter. He told us of the daily struggles he encountered with his body and also how happy he is now that he can carry out his job without the strains of heavy manual lifting.

This is what Palamatic does best, remove the strains of manual lifting without compromising our customer’s processes.

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