Our pharmaceutical division, PalPharma Handling Solutions, are experts in GMP PMaterials Handling Problem Solving for cGMP, Food, Pharmaceutical, Infant food formula processing, Nutraceutical and Bio-pharmaceutical Process Areas.

Our design philosophy is born out of the desire to continually improve, innovate and invent. The success of our products means they are often imitated but never bettered.

Manufacturing expertise extends from primary process chemical environments through secondary formulation and tabletting, packaging and warehousing of chemical and pharmaceutical products.

When you require a unique solution our engineers and designers work with you and your project teams to ensure that your operational requirements, project deadlines and financial budgets are met.
As experts in all levels of containment you can also rest assured that our solutions are fully compliant for very high potent & dangerous compounds (APIs), your legal obligations are met and your product and workforce will be protected.


Manual or automated control.



Fixed/Mobile Drum Tippers

The PalPharmaTip has been designed to aid with all aspects of the Pharmaceutical Process as an easy and ergonomic method of feeding powders and liquids from one part of the process to the next making it an effortless task for the operator. The PalPharmaTip by ergonomically aiding the operator also helps protect against the inhalation of potentially hazardous dust especially when used in conjunction with a containment device such as an isolator or downdraught booth.


Drum Conditioning Systems​

The PalPharMassage has been developed to assist with the process infeed or tipping of powdered or granular product in drums which has hardened or settled in storage and transit. The PalPharMassage has been designed to be fully flexible around drums of all sizes, plastic fibre and metal. The drums sit on a rotary table so after each cycle the drum can be rotated. An adjustable back stop allows penetration depth of the cylinder into the drum to be adjusted to suit the material requirement. The PalPharMassage can be a simple mobile product conditioning solution or integrated into a turn key fully contained drum discharge solution with PLC control.


Sanitary Vacuum Tube Lifter

Ideal for handling sacks, boxes and drums up to 100kg, the PalPharmaVac is a very high specification stainless steel 304 or 316 cGMP vacuum tube lifting system. The system incorporates a unique filtration system meaning no downstream contamination of the internal lift tube, vacuum transfer hose and exhaust of the vacuum pump. The safe change filter station allows the filter to be removed, cleaned and incinerated at minimal risk to the operator.


The system is of hand demountable design for easy cleaning and can incorporate different end effectors which can be changed over to handle different loads.


Fixed/Mobile Lifting Systems

The PalPharmaMove is a series of manual or powered cGMP mobile lifting systems ideal for the transfer of material into and out of application specific containment machines and handling of active or highly potent compounds where operator protection is an important consideration.

The range can handle product weighing up to 1000kg up to heights of 3000mm.


Fixed/Mobile Blending Systems

The PalPharmaBlend family of machines rotate containers from 5l up to 2500l from 1 rpm to 25 rpm controlled via a simple pneumatic counter or full PLC controlled with inbuilt NIR spectroscopy.

Geometry is user definable subject to individual process requirement.

Containers (PalPharmaBin) can be designed to suit aforementioned process requirement and are fully compatible with the entire PalPharmaBlend range. Recipe management and GAMP requirements all available if the process requires.


Stainless-Steel Manipulators

The PalPharmaAssist family include a range of stainless-steel systems for the handling and rotating of various products such as drums, bottles, and reels from pallets, trolleys and conveyor to an in-feed point, man way, hopper. chute or valve arrangement. These systems can be floor or ceiling mounted and use only clean dry oil free compressed air making them suitable for use within classified/ zoned areas. Loads of up to 350kg can be handled.


Fixed/Mobile Post Hoists

The PalPharmaHoist range incorporates systems for discharging, docking, feeding, tipping and blending of product in drums/ IBC’s or other containers within a regulated environment. Strokes of 12000mm can be reached and weights of up to 2000kg can be handled. A lateral reach of 2000mm can be achieved dependent on the weight of the product.

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