Vacuum Tube Lifters for Industrial Woodworking Processes

Palamatic provides many solutions to manual handling problems within the woodworking industry. The Palamatic vacuum tube lifting systems are safe, durable and effective tools to take the weight (up to 350kg) and stress out of manual handling tasks. A vacuum lifter can be used as a lift assist for workers performing repetitive tasks such as re-stacking and machine loading. These manual handling tasks can include board lifting, 180° board turning and 90° manual panel turning (ideal for vertical panel saw loading). ATEX solutions are also available for dusty areas.

Common panel handling problems relate to the awkward nature of the payload - particularly for CNC, Router, Edge Bander and Beam Saw loading operations. Palamatic’s board, panel, door and furniture lifting systems take the strain and risk away from the operator. With a user-friendly vacuum powered lift assister, you can protect your product from accidental damage.

APPLICATIONS INCLUDE loading and unloading vertical panel saws, beam saws, dimension saws, flatbed CNC stations edgebanders and laminators. MATERIALS HANDLED include MDF, MFC, chipboard, wood, plywood, sterling board, plasterboard and polycarbonate. PRODUCTS handled include boards, doors, furniture, staircases, planks, timber sections, laminate surfaces and cabinets

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