Materials handling solutions for Vitamin and Nutraceutical manufacturing

Palamatic provides high specification vacuum lifting and sack opening system designed for use in the vitamin and nutraceutical industries. Our vacuum lifters are built-in stainless steel and have additional features to industrial vacuum tube lifting systems including non-particle shredding suction seals and wipe down lift tubes.

Where FDA standards are required we have a range of GMP materials handling solutions including Post hoists, drum tippers, GMP vacuum lifters, Blenders, Hygienic mobile trolleys.

For other vessels including boxes, kegs and drums Palamatic has off-the-shelf solutions that are tailored to lifting, tipping and powder discharge.

Our range of post hoists can also be used to transport materials from floor to mezzanine.

Our sack discharge systems can be used to open ingredients in sacks without the risk of contamination to the product. They can be supplied for low to high throughput and include dust extraction. They can be fed by vacuum lifter or conveyor and meet ATEX and COSHH requirements. We also supply systems to handle reels in the packaging of products and offer both static manipulators and vacuum lifters and mobile trolleys.

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