Lifting and discharge systems for manufacturing plastic products

The plastic industry requires the handling of various monomers and additives in the manufacturing process of polymers. The ingredients will be contained in sacks, bags, boxes cartons and drums weighing up to 300kg.

Palamatic vacuum lifting equipment can provide a safe and efficient method of handling the containers throughout the process from pallet to conveyor and to sack tip station. The equipment can be suspended from a crane system designed to suit the application and work area. The systems are a proven health and safety solution keeping your operator safe from back injury and include safety features to prevent the load from dropping should there be a power cut.

Our range of equipment also includes sack opening and powder discharging systems that can be manually fed or conveyor fed. They offer a dust-free solution, are supplied to ATEX specification and are suitable for clean areas. We have low, medium and high throughput machines that can handle 2-11 sacks per minute as required. Where drums and other containers need to be moved from area to area our PAL Trolley is the ideal mobile solution.

In the packaging of the finished plastic product, our reel lifting systems can be used to load reels on to mandrels and other packaging systems.

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