ATEX sack lifting equipment, drum lifting equipment, and discharging systems for the oil and gas industry

Palamatic offers dust-free sack opening systems, sack vacuum lifters, and drum vacuum lifters designed to suit the environments of oil rigs. We can configure vacuum tube lifters to operate in specialised environments where ATEX and international standard recommendations must be considered. Fully compliant, safe and robust components are used to meet regulations, such as air-operated vacuum generators, earth bonding and non-sparking crane trolleys.

Palamatic’s low headroom vacuum lifters can be installed in restricted areas on rigs with low headroom. Sacks are generally plastic or paper and can be loaded into a sack opening station either manually or automatically for mud mix operations.

Our FAST fully automatic ATEX compliant sack tip solutions include manually and conveyor fed systems and can open up to 5 sacks per minute. Its compact design is ideal for these environments and the systems offer easy maintenance and various discharge options. 

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