Stainless steel GMP materials handling solutions for the cosmetic manufacturing environments

Palamatic’s PalPharma Handling Solutions division specialises in providing GMP materials handling equipment for use in controlled environments. There are solutions to suit the requirements of cleanroom environments and containment booths.

Our extensive range includes: 

  • Post hoists
  • Drum tippers
  • GMP vacuum lifters
  • Blenders
  • Hygienic mobile trolleys

The systems are stainless steel with welds crack, and they are crevice-free with no dust traps. 

Pneumatic and electronically powered systems are also available, and weights of up to 5 tonnes can be handled. 

Our sack discharge systems can be used to open the ingredients in sacks without the risk of contamination to the product. They can be supplied for low to high throughout, and include dust extraction. They can be fed by vacuum lifters or conveyors, and they meet ATEX and COSHH requirements.

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