PalPharma Handling Solutions is a trusted brand throughout the industry, and has a strong line of standard and custom GMP handling solutions.

Palamatic set up the product division in 1998 to design and engineer GMP material handling solutions. It was specifically to meet the controlled production requirements of the BioPharma pharmaceutical and related healthcare manufacturing industries.

Our extensive range includes: 

  • Post hoists
  • Drum tippers
  • Varying crane systems (for example, monorail or slewing arms)
  • GMP vacuum lifters
  • Blenders
  • Hygienic mobile trolleys
  • RABS Auto Transfer. 

An element of our products can also be used to ease maintenance activities. 

Systems are designed to solve material handling issues within drug manufacturing processes.  You can view the production areas below to see all our application based solutions for warehouses, materials airlocks, dispensaries, feeding areas, charging and weighing, ISO cleanroom graded areas (typically OSD & aseptic parenteral areas), moving of trays of ampoules and vials, homogenising/tumbling/blending and primary and secondary packaging areas. All equipment is designed with the process in mind and the safety of the operator; our equipment meets GMP requirements and is typically supplied in stainless steel 304 or 316 with welds laid clean, and where required it is FDA compliant / BSE free / DIN certificated materials.

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