Vacuum lifting equipment and discharging systems for use in the beverage and brewery industries.

We supply cask lifters, keg lifters and barrel lifters; they can be designed to suction onto the side, or hook onto the products. Vacuum lifters offer a simple-to-use solution that requires no lifting from the operator, and can keep up with production demands. We have designs to suit any operator preference; our S-LINE has a two handed control system, or our Uni-LITE offers single handed operation. Reel handling systems can be supplied for loading reels onto the end of line packaging machines.

Sacks and boxes can be lifted from pallet to conveyor by our vacuum tube lifters with ease. Also, our FAST fully automatic sack opening equipment discharges ingredients from sacks without the risk of paper or plastic contamination to the end product. 

Gantry crane systems with multiple lifting systems can be supplied to either cover a large working area where more than one production line is operating, or a swing jib crane system where a single lifting process is required.

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