Safe, reliable vacuum lifting and sack opening systems for the agrochemical, chemical and paint production environments.

In the agrochemical, chemical and paint industry, vacuum lifters, drum tip & pour machines and automatic sack openers are the perfect solution when you need sack handling, box handling and drum handling solutions for processing and production. S-LINE vacuum sack lifters can be used to load our FAST fully automatic sack tip machines, when the product needs processing.

In the chemical industry, 200l oil drums are also handled with ease. NEC/IECex/ATEX compliant systems are also available with a wide range of gantry crane systems. Drum tipping and conditioning systems can also be supplied for discharging products and softening products that have hardened in transit or storage.

By taking away the stresses and strains of everyday material handling and lifting, and the transporting of loads in the workplace, Palamatic’s engineered and innovative handling solutions have helped thousands of companies solve their manual handling problems worldwide.

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