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At Palamatic we don't just sell equipment, we want our equipment to be productive for our customers and to keep your operators and product safe.

This starts from the installation and commissioning of equipment on site, training of operators, spare parts, breakdown, servicing and maintenance.

The best way to keep your equipment running is to have it regularly maintained by our experienced team. This avoids unnecessary breakdowns that can impact on your production. We also recommend keeping a stock of spare parts. 

We can also offer Maintenance Team training which we propose for our PalPharma and PalPowder handling equipment which require more specialised support.

Our Team is here to help!

Spare parts, training and service enquiry

YES!  This is a legal requirement! Or you run the risk of government (HSE) fines which can reach £250,000.00 as well as potential magistrates summons for failing to apply HSE LOLER notices. There are numerous examples of fines at this level. 

NO, there are also elements of PUWER: PUWER Regulation 5 Maintenance states:-

(1) Every employer shall ensure that work equipment is maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair.

(2) Every employer shall ensure that where any machinery has a maintenance log, the log is kept up to date.

In the HSE’s eyes this is at the point of greatest risk to employees and they will be breaching LOLER. These companies run the risk of being whistle blown and HSE audit and potential legal notice, fine etc. There have been many instances where HSE has visited a company randomly, handed the company a legal notice to correct, the company likely corrects the issue in the time frame indicated by HSE and then HSE will randomly audit the said company again on a subsequent different future year and have found many cases where nothing has been done since and huge fines have been handed out. 

A thorough examination MUST take place every 12 months. Or 6 months if lifting people OR if it is a lifting accessory i.e. eye bolt, hook, chain, shackle. 

Visual examination & functional checks, measurements of wear and in some cases non-destructive testing and load testing. 

Yes! You must thoroughly examine it as per the above answered statement, this is different to a ‘service’, LOLER Schedule 1 MUST be completed by a competent person or at the minimum ALL 11 items listed in schedule 1 must be completed, who is not someone who can be influenced into a way of thinking that the machine is OK i.e. NOT someone who regularly maintains the lifting equipment or regularly services it. 

Yes, before using it for the first time unless an EC declaration has been completed that is less than 1 year old. 

A ‘competent person’ that is defined as someone who has appropriate practical & theoretical knowledge as well as experience to detect defects or weaknesses. In terms of a thorough examination this must be a competent person who is NOT under influence from fear or fervour.  As described in bullet point 4.

Yes, but not all product ranges, LOLER applies to anything that is used for lifting and lowering loads at work, including attachments used for anchoring. Palamatic equipment that falls under LOLER:- PalPharmaHoists, PalPharmAssists, PalPharmaVAC, Palamatic vacuum tube lifters. There are some caveats that apply e.g. some designs of our PalPharmaMove range, or pallet trucks or conveying systems but the product ranges listed above fall within LOLER. 

Hints and Tips to keep your vacuum lifter in good working order

It is important to have your vacuum lifter regularly maintained by a professional engineer and we would suggest this takes place annually at a minimum.  In between your formal service visit there are simple things you can do to keep your equipment in tip-top condition. 


Has your Lift Tube Imploded? 

Download our General Maintenance Checklist here for a useful guide on looking after your system.

Maintenance Guide

Our Service Team are all industry experienced field service engineers who specialize in the maintenance and workings of lifting equipment.  All engineers have full competency certificates which can be downloaded in our Client Area or requested from our Customer Service Team.  The competencies include:

  • Site Safety Passport
  • IPAF
  • Fork Lift Truck
  • Slinging

We can offer a range of support to you on site from service and thorough examination through to competency training of staff and finding a fix if there ever was a breakdown!

Peace of mind with a Palamatic Service Contract

1-2 years: benefits – proactive management, 10% discount on all visits, 10% discount on spares and parts, 5% discount on new systems ordered, extended pump warranty 

We understand that you have better things to do than monitor when your next lifter service is due.  Let us take this off your to-do list and proactively manage the maintenance and compliance of your equipment for you.

With a 24 month service contract you will benefit from the following:

  • Proactive service and compliance management – never miss another date!
  • Fixed service price for 24 months
  • 10% discount on all site visits (service, breakdown, training)
  • 10% discount on all spares and parts
  • 5% discount on all new lifting systems purchased within the contract period
  • Access to our client portal giving you access to all your service documentation, thorough examination certification, engineer competencies, RAMS and insurance documents and site of any future actions which our engineers advise upon.

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