The Uni-LITE Flex Lifter is designed for fast paced picking, and the placing of lighter weight products up to 40kg/88lb. While it has always been recognised that the Uni-Lite single-handed lifter is the solution for many lifting applications in industry, it is also important to understand that lifting from low levels to high levels can cause strain to the operator in a single-handed operation.

Its unique handle comes in 3 flex handle lengths, and allows the operator to lift up to heights of 2500mm,and lower to the floor or a pallet or trolley whilst the arm remains in the most ergonomic position. The system can be operated with a single hand, allowing for use whilst holding a tablet or scanner during order picking. This system is unique to the market and is produced in stainless steel.

As standard, the Uni-LITE-Series is supplied with a horizontal rotary joint, allowing the operator to rotate the load as necessary. The Uni-LITE-Series is available with quick release couplings, allowing speedy changeover of suction feet. This is ideal for the de-palletising of sacks, boxes, and drums etc from pallets to work-stations.

Features and benefits

  • Single handed operation
  • Easy changeover between feet
  • Horizontal rotary joint gives 360 degree rotation
  • Proven Health and Safety solution
  • In-built safety feature prevents load dropping
  • Efficient use of labour
  • Effortless repetitive lifting
  • Minimal running costs
  • Increased operator safety & performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Low maintenance
  • Adapted to your application
  • Installation, spare parts and servicing
  • CE Label and manual
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