The PalPharmaHoist range of post hoist systems require no additional ceiling support at high load capacities or stroke and can be offered with a range of attachments to suit your application including Forks, Platform, Charging and Blending. It can lift heights of 6m/ 20ft can be reached with a lateral reach of 2m/7ft achieved depending on weight of your product and is suitable for drums up to 2000kg.  Available in mid steel through to 316 stainless steel / Hastelloy UK design and manufacture with CE approval.

Features and Benefits

  • Dual handed operations with fail safe ‘dead man’ operation OR PLC OR EPROM control
  • Raise, lower, rotate, advance, retreat, slew and return pneumatic and electric powered actuation options (no hydraulics)
  • Suitable for ATEX environment to Zone 1/21 T4 with documentation
  • Static or mobile options
  • Can be conveyor, wheeled dolly, vacuum lifter or manually fed
  • 90, 180, 360 degrees (blending) rotation
  • 0-359 manual or powered lateral slewing
  • Drum cradle options included over centre clamp, ratchet clamp, discharge cone, open base for wheeled dolly
  • Can handle a range of product diameter, heights and weights
  • Inner liner retention feature
  • Operator controls can be located to customer preference
  • Vibration on drum cradle to aid discharge of sticky product
  • FDA approved gasket and seals
  • Heights and weights designed to suit the application requirements therefore no engineering and hence cost excess
  • Loss in weight weighing system
  • Can be equipped with a split butterfly value for high potency transfer applications
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