The PAL F-AST Fully Automatic Sack Tip both controls and contains the dust that is generated when opening sacks of raw materials and ingredients at infeed stations. This latest addition to Palamatic’s powder handling solutions also eliminates any risk to the operator by slitting the sack automatically. This solution is ideal for everything from retro-fitting to existing infeed stations, or can even be designed into new expansion facilities. This product suits all food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry powders. 

The Manual Option – PAL-FAST-MF is designed so that the operator can load the PAL-FAST -MF using a Palamatic Vacuum Tube Lifter to lift the sacks. This also incorporates a standard Atex specification of up to Zone 21 internally and Zone 22 externally.

Features and benefits

  • 3-5 sacks per minute
  • Feeds rotary valves, mixers, conveying lines, blenders, screens
  • Handles wide range of sack types – paper, plastic, polywoven
  • Incorporates an integral DUST EXTRACTION unit (can be supplied without if central extraction system is available)
  • Empty sacks compacted and remain enclosed
  • Range of food quality cutting blades available mounted on an easy-change mechanism
  • ATEX Zone 21 internal, Zone 22 external
  • Electro-pneumatic controls
  • 304 stainless steel as standard (316ss, Hastelloy available as upgrades)
  • Up to 250kg of powder discharged per minute (dependent on sack weight)
  • Total Operator Protection is maintained throughout the infeed process (COSHH) 
  • No concern on mix of sacks as the machine can handle a wide range with no prior adjustments keeping the discharge process flowing
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