Aluminium Crane System

Supported from either floor mounted support pillars or existing structural steel work, the S-LINE H Gantry Crane System is suitable for when you need to cover a large working area; this can be specified with one or two vacuum lifting systems.The lightweight aluminium overhead rail gantry means the lifting system moves easily around the area.

The standard construction material for a Palamatic H-Style frame is mild steel. A portable gantry crane is suitable for light to heavy operations; this mild steel system is hard wearing and requires very little maintenance. 

Palamatic’s portable gantry cranes achieve load capacities of 50 to 350 kg (110 to 772lb). Their reach or span is dependent on payload weight and the distance(s) between your structural supports.

This mild steel solution is durable with a Palamatic orange powder coated finish. A stainless steel material, or other colours and finishes are available on request.

Features and Benefits

  • Mild Steel H style crane system
  • Aluminium Lightweight Track
  • Covers large working area
  • Can be specified to support multiple vacuum lifters
  • Easy maintenance
  • Proven health and safety solution
  • Installation, spare parts and servicing
  • CE Label and manual
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