Vacuum drum lifters and tippers are ideal for the lifting and rotating of metal or plastic drums. Palamatic’s drum lifter and tipper can be configured to ATEX standards and/or confined spaces. Our effective system can lift drums up to 350kg (772lb). Our drum handling equipment can be operated by a single person, where previously two people would be required to manage the weight. It's a safer, quicker and more efficient way to lift, tip and move drums and barrels. 

How does it work? The drum is first gripped using a suction gripper, and then raised using the vacuum tube control lever. The drum is then tipped using pneumatic or electric controls, and products can be carefully poured out. This method of drum lifting and tipping is tried and tested & provides a safe, efficient and powerful solution for multiple industries. 

Drum Lifter / Tipper Features and benefits

  • Drum lifting and drum pouring solutions
  • Proven health and safety solution
  • In-built safety feature prevents load dropping
  • Upper rotary coupling provides 360 degree rotation
  • Efficient use of labour - drum lifters require one person to operate
  • Effortless repetitive lifting and tipping
  • Minimal running costs
  • Increased operator safety & performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Low maintenance
  • Various drum lifter gantry systems available
  • Installation, spare parts and service
  • CE Label

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