Our Concrete Slab Lifter and Turner allows products to be handled safely and with operator ease. Manual handling and risk assessment are now everyday requirements for any industry to deal with. Palamatic has worked in partnership with many refractory manufacturers and suppliers to advise and solve common materials handling problems. 

Palamatic provides safe and effective slab lifters, that protect both the worker from injury, the businesses from damaging insurance claims, and the product from damage.  Increased productivity and long-life durability is a reality with Palamatic’s low cost, low maintenance Concrete Slab Lifter. Applications include the lifting and manipulating of paving slabs, causeway edging, furnace bricks, bollards, roof tiles, cladding, and moulds; these can now all be handled with effortless ease.

Features and benefits 

  • Range of end effectors
  • Proven Health and Safety solution
  • In-built safety feature prevents load dropping
  • Upper rotary coupling gives 360 degree rotation
  • Efficient use of labour
  • Effortless repetitive lifting
  • Minimal running costs
  • Increased operator safety & performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Low maintenance
  • Various gantry systems available
  • Installation, spare parts and service
  • CE Label
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