Boxes and cartons play a central role in the distribution of goods. It’s important to keep the product and the box undamaged, so careful handling is required. 

Manual handling regulations are strict on repetitive heavy lifting of loads. Therefore, Palamatic offers two solutions for box and carton handling. The S-Line Vacuum Tube Lifter is ideal for lifting boxes and cartons that weigh up to 100kg. Also, our Uni-LITE INLINE offers a single handedly operated solution to the repetitive lifting of lightweight boxes up to 40kg/88lb. Both systems protect the operator from serious back injuries, and businesses from damaging insurance claims.

The modular built lifting systems have a vacuum pump, filter system, supply hose, lift tube, in-built safety features and an ergonomic control valve. There’s a full range of suction feet and control handles that are combined to achieve a cost effective and safe material handling solution. A standard vacuum lifter can help an operator to stack cartons up to 2.5m (98”). However, optional telescopic control handles allow an operator to lift from stacks of 2.75m with ease.

Taped, strapped or open boxes present no problem to the Palamatic vacuum tube lifter. If you need to lift several boxes together, a Palamatic multi- vacuum pad tool does the job. Increased productivity and long-life durability is a reality with Palamatic low cost, low maintenance, high efficiency vacuum handling equipment. Solutions include the de-palletising and palletising of boxes and cartons, side gripping of boxes and cartons when top lifting is not possible, and multiple box lifting.

Features and benefits

    • Various suction feet to suit boxes and cartons 
    • Lightweight UN-LITE option available
    • Proven health and safety solution
    • In-built safety feature prevents load dropping
    • 360 degree rotation
    • Efficient use of labour
    • Effortless repetitive lifting
    • Minimal running costs
    • Increased operator safety and performance
    • Increased productivity
    • Low maintenance
    • Range of gantry/ crane systems to cover your production area
    • Installation, spare parts and service
    • CE label
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    Box Lifting Solutions
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