Palamatic’s sheet, panel and board lifter is very safe and effective. It’s suitable for the horizontal top lifting of boards in the woodworking and construction industries, and can lift products that weigh up to 350kg/772lb. This vacuum lifter system provides a user friendly, robust solution that only requires one operator; production staff can therefore be used for other tasks in the factory.

We regularly provide first-class vacuum lifting equipment for applications, including; loading and unloading, vertical panel saws, beam saws, dimension saws, flat bed CNC stations, edgebanders and laminators, paint lines, and tilt tables.

The most common wood materials handled by our lifting systems include Trespa jumbo boards, Spandrel panels, MDF, MFC, chipboard, wood, plywood, sterling board, plaster board and polycarbonate. Weights of up to 350kg can be picked up.

The Palamatic Vacuum Panel Lifter handles wood products easily, and is perfect for board handling, panel handling and sheet handling. The ideal products for this include; fire doors, panel doors, furniture, staircases, planks, timber sections, laminate surfaces and cabinets. 

We are also often asked to provide vacuum lifters and turners that rotate boards through 90 degrees or 180 degrees, for loading saws and gripping boards; our board, door and panel turning systems can do this with ease.

Palamatic’s board lifters, panel lifters and sheet lifters provide a solution that protects the operator from injury and also your product from damage in the process.

Features and benefits

  • Range of end effectors available to suit wood products and sheets
  • Lift up to 350kg/772lb
  • Upper rotary coupling gives 360 degree rotation
  • Proven health and safety solution
  • In-built safety feature prevents load dropping
  • Robust system
  • ATEX options
  • Efficient use of labour
  • Effortless repetitive lifting
  • Minimal running costs
  • Increased operator safety and performance
  • Increased productivity
  • Low maintenance
  • Range of gantry systems to cover your production area
  • Installation, spare parts and service
  • CE label
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