The PalPharma equipment range offers a range of solutions for Pharmaceutical Warehousing Areas.

Lifting of Drums, Sacks, Boxes and other assorted items

Presenting assorted items such as drums, sacks and boxes to an infeed conveyor to move from and to 'Low Care' and 'High Care' using a Vacuum LIfter, Mobile trolley or pneumatic static wire rope llft assist. This takes the strain out of the lifting application, protecting the operator and the product. 

Systems are available for handling up to 300kg and can be specified to suit the specification of the area they are being used.

Vacuum lifters and PharmAssist systems can be suspended from a variety of crane systems to suit the area classification. Where a large working area needs to be covered a H style crane system is best solution and additional lifting systems can be suspended by adding bridgebeams. The swing jib crane arm is perfect for repetitive lifting from one area to another.

Drum Conditioning of hardened product in drums

Where a drum has been in storage the product inside can be agglomerated. Using a Drum Conditioning system before the drum is taken to MAL and production areas eliminates this issue. A PalPharMassage can be specified to suit a wide range of drum types and sizes.

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