Vacuum Door Blank Lifting at Wulf Protective

26th May 2021

Palamatic Ltd, is the leading supplier in the UK of Vacuum Lifters to the woodworking industry. Working with both existing customers and new customer’s, Palamatic’s aim is always to use their expertise to provide user friendly equipment that aids the work process and eliminates health and safety risks to operators when handling wood product.

A Palamatic Vacuum Tube Lifter uses a single power medium – vacuum, to grip and lift heavy or awkward loads. An electrical vacuum pump (or vacuum ejector pump) creates a vacuum level when a suction pad or gripping device is placed on an object load. The resulting low pressure makes the tube contract vertically and the object load is lifted. The operator controls the vacuum flow using a simple, finger touch operating valve, making the work physically easier and safer. Increasing the vacuum draws air out of the tube and the load is lifted.

Palamatic recently supplied two door blank lifting systems to Wulf Protective, based in Bradford. The company management team have 30 years experience within the Fire Door and Construction industries.

Sohan Panesar, Managing Director explained their business strategy. ‘’Established during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Wulf is made up of a diverse bunch. We pull together the very best of our range of experience to bring you the highest standard of end-to-end service possible. We are committed to becoming the leading manufacturer of both high-quality doors and door sets’’.

Wulf protective image 1

Palamatic were contacted by Mark Dunn who is Fire Door Process and Fabrication Manager, and his role also includes looking after their shop floor personnel. The equipment was required to load 50+ door blanks weighing up to a maximum of 80kg daily on to a Beam Saw and CNC system.

‘’Used by many leading manufacturers Palamatic were the obvious choice when it came to building our workshop fit to manufacture high quality doors and fire doors.’’

The decision to purchase the lifting systems was based on several factors. ‘’The safety of our employees is our priority, the lifting equipment removes the physical lifting strain of everyday processes. The equipment also allowed for increased production quantity. The operators are very happy with the improvement they have seen since the lifters have arrived. ‘’

The Palamatic team work hard to form strong relationships with their customers within the woodworking and construction industry.

‘’Palamatic have been very helpful, reactive and any questions have been answered promptly. We now have a great working relationship with Palamatic, our purchased lifting equipment has made light work of the materials we process daily at our production facility.’’