With over 35 years of experience, Palamatic designs and manufactures high quality lifting systems for all industries world-wide to handle sacks, panels, boxes, drums, pallets, reels and many other products. Our goal is to offer adapted solutions focused on efficiency, safety and ergonomics. Vacuum lifting tube systems are used more and more in industries because they permit a rapid and fluid natural movement that no other device can offer. The system is controlled intuitively by the operator but it is the vacuum that does all of the work. Systems can handle up to 350kg with ease and are a recommended Health and Safety Solution. The PalVac team are here to assist you in choosing the right solution for your vacuum lifting application.

Our Services

  • Custom-made solution ADAPTED to your application
  • ATEX and GMP solutions available
  • ONE of TWO handed operation
  • REDUCE the risks of industrial injury
  • Increase PRODUCTIVITY and improve working conditions
  • REDUCE the risk of product damage
  • Requires ONLY ONE OPERATOR which leads to better staff deployment and COST SAVINGS
  • Range of GANTRY/ CRANE systems to suit
  • LOW HEADROOM options
  • Can be Electrically or pneumatically powered
  • PalCare Service and Spare parts team

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