Vacuum Lifters for Clean Areas

Palamatic specialises in stainless steel lifting equipment. The PalVacuum Clean product line incudes fully stainless steel S-Line and Uni-LITE  for use in areas such as food and dairy processing to avoid the risk of contamination to the product. The systems uses FDA approved suction seals and can be provided with a wipe down lift tube cover.  These systems are suitable for handling packaged food products or food blocks such as frozen meat or blocks of cheese.

Where a higher level of hygiene is required such as in the Pharmaceutical and other heathcare related industries, the GMP Vacuum lifter range uses FDA approved materials, hand demountable parts for easy cleaning and maintenance and a special filtration systems with magnehilic gauge to protect the user and area from dust particle contamination. Systems are supplied with a wipe down lift tube cover.

Options for stainless steel gantry crane systems are available where full GMP is required.