Sacks play a central role in the distribution of material worldwide. As a packaging system sacks meet most basic logistic requirements. They portion, protect, transport, store and sell the product they hold. To keep the product and the sack undamaged careful handling is required. Manual Handling regulations are strict on repetitive heavy lifting of loads. The Palamatic S-Line Vacuum Tube Lifter is the ideal method of lifting sacks safely protecting the operator from serious back injuries and businesses from damaging insurance claims.

Paper and plastic sacks can be handled as well as jute and hessian sacks of  tea and coffee beans weighing up to 100kg. 

Where sacks need to be opened as part of a manufacturing process our PALPowder range of dust free sack opening systems can be supplied. Systems can be manual, semi automatic and fully automatic and comply with COSHH regulations. 

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