Everyday thousands of reels are taken off printing or converting machines to be stacked on  pallets. At the other end of the production line the process is reversed. Reels can spiral when  picked from the core using mechanical grippers and in many cases the reel has to be rewound. Occasionally this can mean a totally wasted reel.

Damage to the edge of the reel is widespread when badly handled. As with all manual handling of heavy loads the operator cannot always protect the product if dropped or knocked against a work surface.

The Palamatic reel manipulating systems solve both with specially designed suction feet to cope with varying diameters. Grip is achieved across all the windings which,when lifted, prevents spiralling occuring. Because there is now weightless the operator can exercise more

care when manoeuvring it. With the addition of manual or pneumatically powered turning systems, the reel can safely and easily be turned through 90º

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