Palamatic provides low, medium and high throughput sack opening machines for the opening of sacks and discharging of powder within the brewery, food, chemical, oil and pharmaceutical industries. The systems can be manual, semi automatic and fully automatic. They are designed to cleanly cut the sacks, dispense the powder keeping your operator safe and powder contamination free. Their dust free design is compliant with COSHH regulations and ATEX guidelines.

Where sacks or drums of powder need to be lifted during a production process, our range of vacuum lifting systems offer several solutions for this task. They offer a health and safety proven solution and can handle up to 350kg.Food grade systems are available 

Our PalPharma division supplies solutions for the biopharma, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical industries designed in stainless steel with FDA approved materials for lifting, tipping, blending, conditioning and transportation of powder within the production process.

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