With a full range of pallet lifters and inspectors we have a warehouse/logistics solution for you. The common pallet inspection practice is for two men to manually lift, inspect and stack pallets outdoors, exposed to harsh working conditions. The inspection process is necessary due to an inherent problem of litter remnants of packaging being stuck to the pallets when returned. This is an area of high industrial injury, with back and hand injuries most common. Palamatic's answer is the pallet inspection system. This consists of a specially designed fork attached to a vacuum lifting unit, easily controlled by a single operator.

The pallet can be lifted quickly and safely from stack, hovered at a worktable height and rotated through 360° for inspection purposes. In this hands free operation any waste can be removed and placed in a nearby skip. This task has been made easy, with single operators now able to inspect up to 200, 50kg pallets in 1 hour. With over 150 units installed worldwide, Palamatic units are rapidly becoming industry standard. 

Benefits of the Palamatic lifting systems include; effortless lifting, increased productivity, increased operator safety and performance. All giving you a low maintenance, high efficiency system.

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