Palamatic have developed clean specification vacuum lifting and materials handling solutions to meet FDA standards.

Our vacuum lifters are manufactured in stainless steel as standard and we can offer food grade suction seals and wipe down lift tube covers where working in sanitary environments. We also supply a range of stainless steel paltrac gantry crane systems. These systems can be used to pick up sacks, boxes, drums and food blocks of meat or cheese in the processing of food, and reel lifters to load the packaging machines.

For the opening of sacks, our PAL F-AST Fully Automatic Sack Tip both controls and contains dust generated when opening sacks of raw materials and ingredients at infeed stations.  This system eliminates the risk to the operator by slitting the sack automatically and is ideal for retro-fitting to existing infeed stations or can be designed in to new expansion facilities.

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