Palamatic supply a range of solutions for lifting and handling containers such as drums, bottles, carboys and jerry cans in industrial and clean process areas including Food, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and other Healthcare industries. Our range includes vacuum lifters, drum tippers, pneumatic wire rope systems, blenders, drum conditioners, post hoist and mobile lifting trolleys. 

The drum handling equipment is produced in stainless steel and can be specified to cGMP standards.

Our drum lifter and drum tipper systems can be tailored to suit various applications and can handle up to 350kg. Where large heavy containers need to be lifted, our IBC handling systems are ideal. The PalPharma division specialises in producing GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) stainless steel equipment suitable for use in pharmaceutical and healthcare production environments. We supply systems for lifting, tipping, dispensing, docking and charging containers throughout the production process.

Palamatic systems can also be specified for use in the Chemical or Food industries and can be provided to meet ATEX regulations. All systems provide a user-friendly & proven health and safety solution that protects your operator & product while speeding up your process. 

Ergonomic method of feeding powders and liquids from one part of the process to the next
Protects the operator against the inhalation of hazardous dust
System can lift drums up to 350kg (772lb) and operated by a single person.
Designed to give the operator full and safe control when docking drums, kegs or plastic containers
Hand demountable assembly for easy cleaning and low maintenance
Fully stainless steel to avoid the risk of contamination to the product
Single control valve operated with the fingertips to pick up, lift, lower and release the load

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