Palamatic are the leading supplier of Vacuum Tube Lifting Systems for handling wood products up to 350kg to the Woodworking industry. With 35 years’ experience, thousands of our solutions are in use on a daily basis. The most common wood materials handled by our lifting systems include Trespa Jumbo boards, Spandrel panels, MDF, MFC, Chipboard, Wood, Plywood, Sterling board, Plaster board and Polycarbonate. Weights up to 350kg can be picked up.

A Palamatic Vacuum Tube Lifter uses a single power medium – vacuum, to grip and lift heavy or awkward loads. Applications we regularly provide equipment for include loading and unloading Vertical panel saws, Beam saws, Dimension saws, Flat bed CNC stations Edgebanders and Laminators, Paint lines, Tilt tables.

We are also often asked to rotate boards through 90 degrees or 180 degrees for loading and unloading purposes. Another request we get is to grip doors by their edges, instead of using suction on the flat face, for example to avoid wet paint/glue, which our systems can do with ease.

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