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With over 35 years of experience in materials handling equipment and powder handling solutions, Palamatic is at the cutting edge of innovative design and production for lifting and handling


Over 35 Years in Business


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Operating Countries Worldwide

Palamatic Handling Solutions

We are based in Chesterfield the heart of England where we are well situated for distribution of product to all parts of the UK and Overseas.

Experts in all areas of handling solutions, our wide range of equipment includes vacuum tube lifting systems, support gantries, automatic sack opening machinery and bespoke handling solutions for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. We also keep a stock of spare parts for standard systems.

End to End Service

Providing an end to end service from sales enquiry through to after sales services, Palamatic's experienced staff are here to help at all stages. We have an office and warehouse facility in North Carolina to help with enquiries and distribute lifters parts and systems to our customers in the USA.

Over the years Palamatic has built up strong relationships with a team of distributors all over the world who have worked with us to represent our products to their customers.

What Do We Do?

Over 35 years, we have developed some of the most unique, complex, robust lifting and materials handling solutions in the global field.

Innovative Materials Handling Equipment

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do and the way we want to do it. We aspire to improve materials handling solutions through cutting-edge technology.

Superior Powder Handling Solutions

Here at Palamatic, excelling is not just about satisfying our customers needs once, but repeatedly over many, many years of service, support and helping them advance their manufacturing and handling processes. Everything we do drives for excellence.

Highest Quality Stainless Steel Designs

Providing equipment that ensures the safety of both the operator and end product, is a driving factor for our team. Our experts create our systems to reach the standards of controlled environments, and use the most robust and premium materials.

A Collaborative Approach 

We bring the best we have to the table, inviting our experienced global partners to input into design. We take advice and guidance from our fantastic supply chain team and most importantly, we always involve the customer and their operators along the way - both at their site and at our test plan facility. 

Care For Our Customers 

People are at the heart of everything we do - our employees and their families, our suppliers, and our customers. 

Palamatic has been built on strong family foundations with Melanie, the founders’ daughter, leading the company. She upholds the family foundations, whilst operating in a 21st century style.

Caring for our customers is about servicing, supporting and ensuring their production lines and processes remain operational. Offering 2 and 3 Service Contracts allows the customer to remain focussed on their business, and not worry about the maintenance and annual testing of their Palamatic equipment.

Why should you choose Palamatic for your materials handling equipment?

We aren’t one of the BIG material handling equipment suppliers, and we use this to our advantage consistently. This means we can remain focussed on developing new, unique and much-needed product solutions EVERY year. 

  • We help our customers to move with the times, meet their regulations and be the best they can be. 
  • We are agile, can move quickly on customised projects, and our in-house stainless-steel fabrication facility ensures we also can remain in control of the quality manufacturing processes.
  • Palamatic doesn’t dictate what their customer can have, the customer does. Our customers have helped to shape and develop the direction we move in as a company, and we do this by maintaining our core philosophy; we listen, observe and develop the most appropriate solution. This is why we don’t have some of the product lines we once had, and why we are always looking for the next solution.

What do our materials handling customers think?

When customers come to Palamatic, they remain with us for a long-time, it’s something we are extremely proud about. They tell us they know they are guaranteed to get innovation year on year; they know we strive only for excellence in both product and support. 

They are assured we have the experience and talent to collaborate with them when they need something more bespoke, and they know they are guaranteed continuous life-long care and support for their equipment, their operator’s safety and their own production commitments. 

It’s our customers who have identified what Palamatic’s strengths are and why they place their trust in us. In return, we listen and focus on always improving everything we do so we don’t let our customers down ever.

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